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People are the most fundamental part of all business operations.  It’s crucial that business owners place a strong people focus as part of their business planning.  Our Haines Watts HR consultancy team provide outsourced HR & people services to help business owners throughout their business journey.

Haines Watts HR consultancy services

Business growth is not just about the size of the company. Growing the strength of your employee engagement, profitability and employer brand is as important as your commercial growth; after all your commercial growth is achieved through your people.

Haines Watts HR advisors are focused on helping you to protect your business and in creating the right conditions for you to lead your team in the growth of your company and in your brand.  We achieve this by offering a wide range of talent management and HR services.

HR outsourcing

By outsourcing your HR support you’ll have someone on hand who can support you at every level including contracts, HR policy, employee relations, organisational change and HR administration.

HR consultancy

Consultancy support to help manage business restructuring or transfer, redundancies or recruitment and negotiating exit arrangements. 

Pay as you go HR support

We can provide you with access to emergency or pay-as-you-go HR support to give you flexibility to react to any unforseen employee challenges.  

HR healthcheck

Our HR team can provide a comprehensive employee audit to determine legal compliance and opportunity for your business to improve it’s people strategy.

HR projects & strategy

We can help you transform your HR ideas into reality using HR project management experts. We’ll work with you to develop your HR strategy and sustainable HR initiatives for resourcing, engagement, performance, restructuring, outsourcing and organisational development.

Employer brand

Creating a strong employer brand can set you apart from your competitors. Business owners work with us and invest time in recruiting the right talent, creating high performing teams, building a strong employee culture and focus on becoming an employer of choice.

Managing employees

Successful employee management shouldn’t be complicated.  It requires techniques that suit both the employee and the business, whilst managing risk and dealing with employee legislation.  Our team can help you to navigate the day to day challenges of managing your employees.

HR software

We offer a cloud based HR solution that will centralise employee records and automates HR processes to improve your day to day HR operations.

Haines Watts HR advisors are not here to just apply a textbook approach but are committed to delivering sound HR solutions through a consultative approach. Depending on what you want to achieve we will work with you, in the way you need us to.  For further information find and contact your local Haines Watts office.

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