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Are you a business owner in the middle of a civil or criminal dispute needing specialist accounting expertise to provide support if you go to court?

Unlike many accountancy firms we’ve got expert forensic accountants who specialise in this day to day. We accept instructions directly from clients whether they are claimants (pursuers), defendants (defenders) or from their legal advisers.

Forensic accountant services

Haines Watts can help with forensic accounting and litigation by providing:

A service that will stand up in court

Everything we prepare is in plain English.  We’re happy to present findings in court as an Expert Witness and be cross examined.  We’ve been involved in hundreds of cases, involving all sorts of legal actions including disputes that have not reached court.

Business valuation and divorce

We can value your business for commercial reasons or divorce proceedings and help with liquidity and sustainable income. We’ll use our experience and databases to derive a value based on similar businesses. We can also help with the tax implications of divorce.

Intellectual property (IP)

Trade marks, brands, customer lists, even business processes are examples of IP that carry value in a business.  We can assist in the quantification of these values to a business.

Commercial disputes and mediation

Disputes can arise out of a variety of business relationships including trading or license agreements, sale and purchase, or banking arrangements. We can help by assessing the economic loss or mediating between the parties.


Personal injury, negligence & dependency

We handle cases of personal injury for both self employed and employed people.  Let us help calculate loss of earnings, pension and other employment benefits.

Insurance claims consultancy

We advise on the effects of financial losses and business interruption, identify eligible expenses of the claim, help improve your cashflow during the period, negotiate with all parties and work with insurance brokers.

Fraud, proceeds of crime & criminal investigations

We can investigate and report on occupational fraud, large corporate fraud and VAT carousel frauds.  We also have vast experience in defending confiscation orders and reporting under POCA 2002.

Professional negligence

Accountants, architects, financial advisers, insurance brokers, surveyors and solicitors are all open to professional negligence claims. We can advise on quantum and, in certain circumstances liability, interview claimants or defendants, mediate between parties and negotiate early settlements.

Whatever your forensic accounting & litigation needs our experts can offer advice and support.

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