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Putting time into cashflow forecasting can mean the difference between life and death for SMEs. Haines Watts can share their commercial experience in cashflow forecasting and help you to put cashflow facilities in place.

Cashflow forecasting

Projection reports keep your finger right on the pulse, so you can solve potential issues before they arise. Cashflow forecasts can help you to plan for growth and stabalise your business to help make your future plans a reality. Regularly reviewing cashflow forecasts makes it easier for business owners to plot business growth.

We can help prepare these and add our commercial expertise to help your plans go smoothly.

Cashflow finance

Putting time in to stay on top of your cashflow is crucial to your business. We can sit down and talk you through the finance available and help you to get it. If you’d rather have the money you’re owed now than wait for customers to pay, this is for you.

We’ve various factoring and invoice discounting options that could provide you with 90% payment in 24 hours and the rest when the bill’s paid.

We’ll guide you through cashflow facilities like factoring or discounting. If they already have those, we can review them to make sure you’re getting the best deal.  Don’t let matters drift – get control of your cashflow now.

Business valuation

Many business owners don’t accurately value their own business. Often they take advice from friends rather than professionals!

Our Corporate Finance team can provide an accurate and realistic valuation. This ensures the business is not over or under valued and gets you the best possible price. Whether it’s an informal opinion or a full written report, we’ve got extensive databases to compare similar deals and comparable companies.

If you need help with cashflow forecasting or business valuation contact us or find your local Haines Watts office.

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