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I’m seen as a leader but I don’t always feel like one

Are you thinking...?

  1. "I'm not sure that I'm really clear on when and how to lead?"
  2. "My staff look to me for direction and expect me to know the answers! No matter how I’m feeling they don’t want my questions or doubts. What kind of a leader would I be if I didn’t know the answer?"
  3. "It's obvious to me what needs to be done but I struggle to get this across and I don’t see my people sharing my commitment to the business."


The issue

Effective leadership isn’t guaranteed by a job title, by shares in the company or by age and experience. It’s about what you believe in for the future, how you communicate, behave and how that creates common purpose – something for your people to follow.

Leadership is distinct from management. Management is about processes that keep your business functioning. It’s what makes your business work today and how you hit this quarter’s targets. Management is about executing strategy and vision, leadership is about setting the strategy and vision.

For leadership to take place there has to be a sense of positive destination and a route map for how to get there. All too often this is stored in the mind of the business owner with staff left to guess the content!

Leadership is about getting people to understand and share in your vision and work with you to achieve your goals. Focus on articulating your purpose and rallying your team, let your management tackle the details.

What you can do

  • Start by acknowledging the need to explore the issue
  • Invest in your own leadership development
  • Recognise the need for a capable management team to work with you

How we can help

  • We’ve worked with hundreds of business owners faced with uncertainty around leadership
  • We help you to form a positive destination for your business
  • We provide the tools and techniques to help you plan for the future
  • We help you to make that difficult move from working IN to working ON your business
  • We show you fresh ways to create common purpose within your management team

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Get in touch to start the conversation tod


For outcomes to change behaviour has to change and for behaviour to change belief has to change. Read more about how to improve and grow your business here.

Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Get in touch to start the conversation today.

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