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I’ve lost my edge

Are you thinking...?

  1. "Most of the time I find being an owner exciting, energising and rewarding. But sometimes running a business just saps my energy - it can be overwhelming and defeating."
  2. "After 15 years of hard graft it begins to feel a little like being on a hamster wheel – I could do with something to help me get my mojo back."
  3. "Working 7 days a week, 14 hour days –doesn’t leave much time for me to reflect or reinvigorate myself. I’m expected to inspire and motivate those around me – occasionally, it would be nice to be inspired too."


The issue

For things to change things have to change. Market conditions are almost always challenging and it is easy to slip into a sort of ‘victim’ mentality – a feeling that things just aren’t fair and there’s nothing you can do.

As an owner you’re a self-starter, you’re self-reliant and accustomed to making things happen. But even the most successful owners need a helping hand. So the obvious question is: where do you go to get inspiration that fuels you, sharpens your thinking and shapes business growth?

Inspiration doesn’t always come easy and it doesn’t always come at the ‘right’ time. You may visit a particular place, re-read an old book, or go for a run and sure you’ll clear your head, but inspiration relies on conversation and collaboration with others who are engaged and passionate. It requires challenging the status-quo, breaking out of the daily grind and stimulating your curiosity.

What you can do

  • Don’t be a victim! Draw a line and commit to positive action
  • Rediscover your curiosity
  • Refocus on the opportunities out there
  • Take time out with someone other than your daily contacts to explore new ideas and options
  • Reach out to others who may need support – you may just end up being inspired

How we can help

  • We provide you with a’ flat mirror’ in which you can better see your own reality
  • We help you find those levers you need to pull in order to rekindle your passion
  • We’ll challenge you to hold yourself accountable for what matters to you
  • We have the tools and techniques to help you get your mojo back

Tired or disaffected owner mangers rarely produce great performances in themselves or in their businesses.

Growing your business shouldn’t be left to chance. Growth should be planned, deliberate and ongoing. It begins with you.



For outcomes to change behaviour has to change and for behaviour to change belief has to change. Read more about how to improve and grow your business here.

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