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We have helped businesses across all sectors in making R&D claims. Read our R&D case studies below to see just some of the companies that we have helped. Please contact us if you need an R&D example specific to your sector.

Some of our R&D examples

Many business owners wrongly think R&D tax relief is reserved for companies with labs full of scientists in white coats. Because of this, a vast number of businesses in the UK assume they are ineligible to receive tax relief. The reality is any company subject to Corporation Tax that can demonstrate it is attempting to overcome a technological or scientific uncertainty qualifies for R&D.

We work with a vast range of businesses all over the UK ranging from architects, vets and manufacturers to engineers, exhibition designers, digital agencies and breweries. The R&D tax relief really is open to all industries.

Read our case studies below for research and development tax credit examples of companies which we have helped. Please contact us if you need R&D tax relief examples specific to your sector. 

Case study 1

Modernisation & quality control improvements 

The majority of this claim was generated from the company’s efforts to fully modernise their operations. This included significant investment in a new IT infrastructure and the development of a quality control system pitched beyond the legislative requirements of its business sector.

What was included on the R&D claim?

  • Full automation of workshop orders to improve stock control and minimise human error.
  • Implementation of new quality control system in order to attain the ISO 9001:2008 accreditation.
  • IT overhaul including introduction of bespoke monitoring software.
  • Creation of a new systems manager role to oversee modernisation of processes
  • Optimisation of production line processes.


Case study 2

Adaptation of product & website rebuild

This company is continuously adapting its product for different applications, including the varied standards and specifications of new overseas markets. An internal rebuild of the website was also part of the claim due to the resulting improvement of in-house capabilities.

What was included on the R&D claim?

  • Adaptation of product for new overseas market.
  • Upgrade from ISO 9001:2000 to ISO 9001:2015.
  • Design of new premises to optimise performance and allow for growth.
  • Complete website rebuild.
  • Failed attempts to adapt an existing product.

Case study 3

Adaptation of premises & software development

Much of the qualifying expenditure for this company’s claim came as a result of the fit-out of new premises. The new warehouse was ergonomically redesigned to improve efficiencies and reduce costs and the operational challenges of running multiple sites were also addressed.

What was included on the R&D claim?

  • Ergonomic redesign of premises to improve efficiencies.
  • Recruitment of specialist with responsibility for streamlining processes and reducing costs.
  • Engineering of workflow to double output.
  • Upgrade to the company’s ISO27001 accreditation following improvements to the IT infrastructure.
  • Development of new stock control software following failed attempt to bespoke existing software.

Case study 4

Adoption of emerging technologies & applied research 

Interfacing emerging technologies with existing systems will inevitably throw up issues to be resolved. The testing, downtime and software upgrades involved were all accounted for in the claim.

Another interesting element of the claim is the activity of one of the directors who engages in voluntary collaborative efforts and pure research initiatives with industry specialists. This applied research, albeit without a commercial focus, was considered qualifying activity for the purposes of the claim.

What was included on the R&D claim?

  • Integration of state-of-the-art technology with existing systems.
  • Applied research as part of a collaborative group of professionals in the field.

These research and development tax relief examples will help you understand how R&D Tax Credits are calculated. If you want to make an R&D tax claim for your business get in touch today.

All too often, businesses are blind to government tax credits. Contact us today or speak to a local Haines Watts office to find out more about R&D tax relief for your business.

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