Developing your career

Haines Watts Academy offers the resources and development from apprenticeships to continuing professional development in all business subjects, not just accountancy, that we believe can take you where you want to go. Great people, with great ideas can flourish at Haines Watts and we will support your development in discussion with what’s right for you and the area and team you work in.

What we offer

We know that in addition to a competitive salary, our team members want benefits that are flexible enough to meet their needs and to change with them as their priorities change. We offer a flexible benefits package which includes the usual – holidays, life assurance, pension, and employee assistance programme along with a range of flexible benefits for you to choose. These include for example, local gym membership, bike scheme, critical illness insurance and a fantastic range of cash back and discounts. You can use the discounts across a range of retailers.

Haines Watts academy

We developed Haines Watts Academy in 2014 to create a virtual place for introducing development resources, webinars, seminars and in-person courses, to compliment our existing technical training and development programmes.

Haines Watts Academy takes training and learning and development to a new level: from Haines Watts perspective it offers a range of learning options which allow our team to understand how best to use their technical skills, how to better understand themselves and those they work with, and to practise these skills for the benefit of our clients and the wider business. From the individuals perspective it gives them a rounded programme of improvement where they meet and work with colleagues from around the UK and that set them in good stead for their future career.


Partner & Director development 

We run a variety of workshops for our business leaders to help them stay informed and further develop their business and personal development skills. We love that we have a culture where ideas are welcomed from everyone and where continual learning is something that everyone takes an active part in.

Managers Skills Programme

Our Managers Skills Programme (MSP) has been designed to develop practical management and commercial skills in high potential team members who we anticipate will take an enhanced role within the next 3 years.

Leadership Development Programme

We're incredibly proud of our Leadership Development Programme (LDP). The programme is a challenging, aspirational two year experience and its objective is to develop aspiring partners and exceptional entrepreneurial leaders who can manage organisational growth by inspiring and engaging all critical stakeholders.

The progarmme connects participants, to continue the firm's legacy of leadership excellence and build a collaborative community to sustain and drive new business growth across all functions of Haines Watts.

For the delivery of our LDP Haines Watts partner with Conversations With Purpose and their core team, led by Wendy Parvin, Dinah Bennett and Simon Haslam. With their track record as senior academics, business consultants, small business owners and experienced facilitators, our leadership development embeds learning opportunities that build knowledge, increase skills and cultivate enterprising capacity.