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Haines Watts is very pleased to announce the launch of our new, improved Tax App. We’ve been working hard to ensure we deliver the best product; a simple, modern and up-to-date application for users.

Packed with tons of relevant content; tax tips, key dates plus several slick and easy to use calculators to help calculate costs, we are confident that it will be of great use to Business Owners.

What’s included?

  1. Key tax dates
  2. News
  3. Tax tips
  4. Mileage calculator
  5. Expenses calculator
  6. Tax calculator
  7. Tax tables

How can it be used?

This tax app is designed for use on phones and tablets – it can also be viewed on laptops and desktops.

When can I access it?

The app is now available! This is a web app and can simply be bookmarked on a phone or table home screen. Follow this link to view the app.

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