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5 tips to improve & protect your brand reputation

Your brand isn’t just about your name and your logo, it’s about intangibles like customer loyalty. As such, your brand reputation needs careful looking after – just like any other business asset. In this blog, I’ll share my secrets to building and maintaining a killer brand. Here are a few budget-friendly, yet effective, tips for keeping your brand reputation healthy.

1 Think carefully about your brand name: Companies with a strong name are more scalable and sellable. It helps to explain your story and the quality of what you do. If you can rebrand, pick something exciting, compelling and memorable. If you can’t, think about adding a strapline to help your brand shout louder.

2 Think global, not local: SMEs are competing against big businesses with big marketing budgets and start-ups who’ve branded for the global, digital world. If you sound like a global brand from the start, you can grow into that brand reputation. But think about cultural sensitivities for when your brand reaches overseas.

3 Go to town on your business cards: Business cards are one of the few physical branded items that people keep, so it’s worth spending money on a good design, perhaps with a unique feature. Your imagination is free – at Man Bites Dog, we have a chunk bitten out of our cards, for instance.

4 Trademark your brand: Protecting your brand is relatively cheap and easy to do – so it’s well worth it. Don’t just register your trademark in the UK; think about the other markets you’d like to enter and get the correct intellectual property protection for your name and/or logo there too.

5 Don’t be afraid to call in a professional: It might sound expensive, but if your brand comes up against a crisis, a DIY approach is unlikely to be good enough. Professional help can be invaluable – and once the fire-fighting is over, consider adding a permanent brand representative to your team.

Brand reputation management

Brand reputation management is critical to growing a business. A positive brand reputation builds loyalty and increases customer confidence in your brand, ultimately driving sales growth.

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