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So aren’t we full of surprises, us Brits? Not only has our economy not fallen down a Brexit black hole, but we even came home from the Rio Olympics with an astonishing 67 shiny new medals.

And, like our athletes, now the fuss is over we will all go back to business as usual, trusting that the culture and processes we have put in place will empower us to face up to the next challenge.

Business, like sport, is hugely reliant on belief – so we need to stop worrying about the negative impact of Brexit and have faith that the investments we’ve made and the processes we’ve put in place will allow us to compete on a global scale.

Apathy to success

In the lead up to the recent games in Brazil, we were a little underwhelmed. It felt as if we were convinced there was no way we could match the London Games medal tally, so why get excited? How wrong we were.

And that’s how I feel some sectors are being treated in our post-Brexit economy. We’ve simply given up on them because they have seen their share price tumble.

But don’t believe everything you read about in the papers. There’s plenty of gold-standard business going on out there.

Looking at the long game

Take property for example. This is a sector which at face value is in trouble. Foreign investors are no longer entering the London town property sprint as they fear they will be disqualified down the road for not being an official part of Team GB.

Yet behind the scenes – back in the changing room if you will – it’s business as usual. The only change is that the big players have changed their focus towards more long-distance disciplines. They are in a stronger position to negotiate down land prices and, rather than cancel projects, they have simply moved the date for the starting gun.

I met one of my clients, who is a supplier to the big house builders, at a recent event and far from being gloomy about his prospects, he says he actually has a five-year pipeline of contracts.

Stick to the programme

In the end, if you have a robust business strategy, efficient processes, a strong culture and a well-developed pipeline of people, your business can survive short-term Brexit-style shocks.

And we can learn one other lesson from Rio. Short-term, quick fixes are always a bad idea. Just ask the Russian team.
Instead, hold your nerve, talk positively about the future and do what’s right for your business.


Has it been ‘business as usual’ for your organisation since the referendum? Tell us how you have been impacted.

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