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January blues can get the better of many businesses, and getting the cogs up and running again after a long break may seem near impossible.

Blue Monday falls annually on the third Monday of January, which is why it’s important to put some basic plans in place ahead of Monday 20 January 2020 to help team and business productivity. The experts at Haines Watts have shared their top tips to help business owners get back into the swing of things in 2020:

Team talk

In the first couple of weeks back at the start of the year, when the team is getting back into a routine, it’s a good idea to set out the year (or even 6 months) ahead so employees understand where the business is going in 2020. As a business owner, or part of the senior team, getting in front of the business and sharing the company’s plans will help boost morale and team spirit across the board.

Plan ahead

There will always be certain things that drop in unexpectedly as a business owner where you must put in the graft and work out of hours – to avoid feeling blue this January, remember to prioritise and most importantly communicate with your team and your family.

Figure out your way of working

If you’re at your most productive and creative first thing, then assign tough tasks to the mornings, don’t try and concentrate on a tricky strategy at the end of the day if that’s when you feel most drained and vice versa. At the end of each working day, look back and see what you have achieved and when. Ask yourself what worked today, what didn’t, what went wrong and how you can do it differently tomorrow.

Set realistic goals

Whether they’re personal, business or team goals, be realistic! There is nothing more disheartening than working towards a goal that is unachievable. Meeting those goals and reaching those targets will help to improve productivity levels. Once you’ve reached them, don’t forget to set new goals.

Be active

After indulging and perhaps enjoying a break from healthy habits over the festive break, January is the time to ramp up the activity again and blow away those cobwebs. Going out for a slow jog or brisk walk once a week gives you the time to think about how to grow your business, solve problems and accomplish goals. Exercise can also help reduce stress both mentally and physically and also help you clear your mind of challenging work-related issues. With this in mind, staying active can help both personal and corporate productivity and therefore shouldn’t be avoided (even though sometimes it can be tempting!)

Haines Watts is supporting leading UK mental health charity Mind and will promote health and wellness among employees in January. Red January will focus on how being physically active helps to improve mental health. Employees will be challenged to get active every day throughout January to show support, and collectively raise funds for the charity. This will include contributing to local Mind shops, fun team activities and more.

Follow the hashtag #REDJanuary2020 and #HWGiving to stay up to date with the latest Haines Watts’ Red January news.


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