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Are you claiming R&D tax relief? Watch our simple video to see if you could qualify.

In many cases that we’ve worked on, business owners simply don’t believe that the R&D qualifying expenditure is eligible for R&D tax relief. 

The truth of the matter is, in order to qualify for R&D tax relief, any activity that seeks to attain appreciable improvements to products, services or processes can qualify for relief and can apply to any sector (you don’t need to be the next James Dyson).

Much of this is fundamental to what businesses do in order to grow, but many business owners overlook the potential for an R&D claim as they see this activity as just a necessary part of their sales and tendering process.

Take a look at our latest video ‘vlog’, it explains simply if you could qualify for R&D. If you watch it and say ‘we do that!?!’ then give us a call to discuss your potential claim.

We have worked with many different sectors and in some case even uplifted claims made by other advisers successfully (sometimes by hundreds of thousands of pounds). Read the following case study to learn more…





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