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In the war for talent, recruiters need to know what their employer brand is and how to communicate it. An ‘employer brand’ is a term we use to describe the reputation of an employer and its values to potential employees.

Unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been, so employers are having to work harder to attract and recruit staff. The appetite isn’t there to engage with costly recruitment agencies. Employers want ownership of that process of attracting their own talent – and communicating their brand values is an important part of this.

Personality and culture

According to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 40% of employers are finding it tougher to fill vacancies than they did last year, and almost 70% of organisations with 250 or more employees reported in the Manpower Global Survey 2018 that they couldn’t find the skills they needed.

In this market, a careers page and a list of jobs is no longer enough.

You need to be able to communicate the personality and culture of the business and what motivates it to succeed, so you’re generating buy-in from the start. That could come down to sharing what your company’s workplace culture is like in an authentic and transparent way; it’s not just about sharing what your mission and vision statements are.

Ultimately, you need to understand your target audiences to communicate with them effectively.

Opening doors

Considering a different approach to your attraction strategy can help. For example, even before a potential candidate has applied for a role, consider how you can best help them understand what it’s actually like working for your business – whether that’s as a team leader, a trainee or an apprentice.

Your employees can explain what the environment is like, what the learning and development is like and what coaching and support is available. So, potential recruits feel that they are joining an all-inclusive business and you have the best interests of new employees at heart when they join.

Using the right channels to build your employer brand is key. For example, actively encourage interaction from employees on recruitment sites such as Glassdoor and Indeed, where employers and employees can leave reviews about each other and their work experience.

Consumer-facing brands might focus their people strategy more towards social media sites including LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, where people will share good content.

Ultimately, you need to understand your target audiences to communicate with them effectively.

Better reach with a personal touch

What candidates want

  • To see they can make an impact
  • To feel the role is important to the organisation
  • To develop their skills internally across different areas
  • Organisational values that are in line with their own, including social and environmental impact
  • Modern, flexible working practices

Key things to focus on

  • Retention! Look at offering training, agile progression and competitive rewards alongside new technologies
  • Remember: millennial workers are a rising power in the workforce
  • Give people autonomy; stop telling people what to do and let them tell us what to do

If you are hiring

  • Sell, Sell, Sell – don’t assume candidates know everything about you
  • Plan ahead – don’t wait until the last minute
  • Talk about the flexibility your company offers
  • Highlight your diversity and inclusion strategies
  • It’s not all about money; show you are forward-thinking

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