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Claiming R&D back on factory redevelopment

Read how an award winning architecture practice has embedded pioneering science into it’s structural design and claimed back substantial cash from HMRC to invest in further research projects now and in the future

This company is an award-winning architecture practice, which features on the AJ100 list of the most successful and innovative practices in the world. The company’s approach to embedding pioneering science and technology into structural design has made the practice a leading voice in the sector.

This particular project consisted of the redevelopment of a large old factory into a masterplan community. The distinctive architectural pavilion required an envelope that would recreate the original steel tapering chimneys, in a volume compositionally broken into three volumes of varying heights.

A standard CLT frame construction was not compatible with the tapering floor plates, leading the design team to alter the standard frame construction into a slab and tapered wall system. The main technical challenge was therefore the coordination of a tapered cross-laminated timber frame at eight stories.

The team ultimately developed a digital process which saved design programme time, and improved the efficiency/accuracy of design information for pre fabrication. The cross-laminated timber frame saved programme time, reduced trade on site, and reduced the cost of labour assembly due to ease of erection.

Haines Watts has supported this company over a number of years, claiming back substantial cash from HMRC which the company has invested in further research projects, additional staff, and a number of social responsibility initiatives. This ensures clients continue to receive a world-leading service whilst the practice nurtures a new generation of forward-thinking architects.

Haines Watts has claimed back substantial cash from HMRC which the company has invested in further research projects.

There is a lot of confusion around claiming R&D tax credits, and many businesses miss out.
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